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Google Apps Status Page
If you ever find yourself having technical difficulties with any of your Google Apps, please click the link below to go to Googles official status page. Here Google lists any performance issues that they might be having with their apps.

G Suite Updates
This official feed from the G Suite team provides essential information about new features and improvements:

Google Apps Survey

This is a survey you can fill out in order to request specific Google Apps for our Baker.edu system. Once your request is submitted, it will be reviewed by our Apps team. Please note that you will have to be signed into your baker.edu email account in order to access the form.

Google Tips and Tricks!!
Attaching Google Drive Files to your Gmail account
  • Google Drive is linked to your Google account, you can attach files stored in Google Drive directly to your Gmail.
Google Tips and Tricks

Google Apps Learning Center

Welcome to our on line learning center a place where you can continue to build your knowledge of Google Apps. In this training site you will find videos, printable quick reference guides, animations and much more. To get started explore the links below:
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