Contacts FAQs

Accessing Contacts 

How do I access my list of contacts in Baker Apps?

In your Baker Apps Mail window, clicContacts on the left (from the drop-down above "Compose"). Or, from your Google apps menu, select Contacts. If it is not displayed in the list, click More, then Contacts.

All Contacts: Just what it sounds like—this is a list of everyone you've composed an email to, or replied to, from this Baker Gmail account. Google automatically populates this group, and you can't delete it or manage who automatically goes into it, though you can manually add or remove individuals from it, as noted below. Contacts in this group tend to rank higher in Baker Gmail's auto-completing address function, and in other Baker apps, whenever you start typing.

Corporate Contacts: This is the list of all contacts within the Baker System. When typing in a name in which to compose a message to you will see a list appear as you type. The names above the box that reads "" are the names that you added to your Contacts, those that appear below "" are from the corporate directory.

My Contacts: Organizes the addresses you care about. If you know you'll want to find someone often, you can move a contact to this group by selecting one of your contacts, clicking the Groups button , and selecting My Contacts. You can also remove a contact from My Contacts by removing the check mark next to it. 

Most Contacted: Includes the 20 addresses you use most frequently. Baker Gmail automatically updates this list so you can reference it quickly and easily.

Other Contacts: Includes any contacts that haven’t already been categorized into My Contacts or another contact group.

You may also have your Friends, Family, and Coworkers as a contacts group. These used to be default groups in Baker Gmail-- if you previously used them, then they can't be deleted.

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Will I be able to find addresses of contacts when I'm composing an email message or inviting people to a meeting?

Yes, you can access Baker Apps contacts picker, which includes the email addresses of all employees in Baker Apps. Access the contacts picker when composing an email message: Click the To: link.

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Can I see the members of a mailing list in our company directory in Baker Apps?

No, you can't view the members of a mailing list that was added to Baker Apps.

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Adding Contacts 

Is there a way to automatically add new contacts based on people with whom I've corresponded?

Yes. Whenever you send an email message to someone, the Baker Apps contacts manager adds that person's email address to your Suggested Contacts list. You can then select the addresses you want to add to your personal contacts, as follows: On the left of your Mail window, click Contacts, and then click Suggested Contacts. Select the addresses you want to add, and then click Move to Contacts.

Importing Contacts to Baker Gmail

How do I import my contacts?

  • Create a custom CSV file, or export the address book from your other webmail provider or email client as a CSV file.
  • Sign in to you Baker Gmail.
  • Click Mail at the top-left corner of your page, then choose Contacts.
Click the More button above the contacts list and select Import....
  • Click the Choose File button.
  • Select the file you'd like to upload and click the Import button.

When it's done, Baker Gmail will display the number of contacts imported.

If you receive any error messages during the import, you might need to edit your CSV file.

Note: These CSV files work with Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora, and some other email providers. But the CSV files  that these applications produce might not contain all of the supported contact fields. For example, when Outlook exports to a CSV file, it omits data including attachments, distribution lists, contact pictures, the "file as" field, the "alias" field, and text formatting in the "notes" field. Baker Contacts doesn’t have a way to know what was omitted, so we suggest that you manually copy over any important information in these fields after you import your contacts.

About the notes field:

Baker Contacts doesn't support rich text formatting, or unlimited length in the “notes” field. When we're unable to import a certain field from the CSV, we do our best to let you know so that you can fix it manually.
The maximum size for a contact is 128 KB. If a contact exceeds this size, the "notes" field might be truncated.

Merging Contacts

How do I merge my contacts?

If you have duplicate contacts, there are two ways you can fix this problem: merge your contacts manually, or have the system find and merge contacts automatically, as well as duplicate data within contacts.

To merge two or more contacts manually:

  • Select the contacts you'd like to merge from your contacts list.
  • Click the More drop-down menu, and select Merge contacts.
  • Make any edits to the suggested solution (if you'd like to change anything).
  • Click Save at the top of the page.

        To find and fix all of your duplicate data at once, use the following instructions:

        • Open the Contact Manager.
        • Click the More drop-down menu, select Find and merge duplicates.
        • We'll display the names of the contacts with duplicate data. If an entry has only one contact, then the contact itself has duplicate data (repeated phone numbers, emails, etc.) If an entry has two or more contacts, be sure to check whether these are duplicate contacts; many people have similar names. You can expand them by clicking details next to each one and deselect any that you don't want to fix.
        • When you're ready, click Merge at the top of the list.

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              Google Groups

              What are the different types of groups in Google Groups?

              • My Groups—Lists all the groups you belong to. Here's where you can manage your own group memberships, without having to make requests to our IT Department.
              • Groups directory—Lists all the groups in your organization.  Use the directory to view formation about groups, including group members. Here is where you can also join new groups, without the assistance of the IT Department.
              • Discussion archives (forums)—Records all the communications between group members. Read past messages and even post and reply to group messages.

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              What type of Groups can I create in Google?

              Google Groups makes it easy for groups of people—such as project teams and departments—to communicate and collaborate about topics of common interest. Please be aware that these groups are public and not to include any specific student information that would violate FERPA or HIPAA laws. The different types of groups available are:

              Email List (Distribution List)

              • Allows users to post from the web or through email. This is a mailing list group.

              Web Forum

              • Designed to allow users to primarily interact with the group through the web.  These forums have web-only features initially enabled.  Users post topics through the web, but can receive update via email.

              Q&A Forum

              • Allows members to post questions and follow-up answers.  Members can identify which answers are the best and mark questions that they are also interested in.  As with web forums, users need to post through the web ui, but can receive updates via email.

              Collaborative Inbox

              • Allows members of a group to manage the workflow state of topics within the group.  These groups have specific features and permission set.  If you choose to not use these features, they will need to be disabled individually.

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              Can I add a contact or contact group that's in the company contacts list to my personal contacts?

              Yes, if you've already sent email to the contact or group, you can quickly add it to your personal contacts:

              •     Open your Contacts list, and in the Search contacts field, start entering the contact's name or email address.
              •     When the contact appears, select it, and then click Move to My Contacts (above the contact's details on the right).
                If you haven't yet sent email to a contact or group, you'll need to create a new contact and manually enter all the contact's information, including the email address. 

                Note: After you add a corporate contact to your personal contacts, you can add additional information to the contact's details. This information appears only in your personal contacts, not the corporate contacts.

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                Creating Contact Groups

                Can I create my own mailing lists in Google Apps?

                Yes, you can create "contact groups" by accessing your Google Apps contacts picker, and then creating a new contact group. Your contact group then appears in your personal contacts manager in Google Apps. To access the contacts picker:
                • When composing an email message: Click the To: link.
                • When creating a meeting invitation: In the event details window, click Choose from contacts under Add Guests.

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                If I create a contact group, can I delete members?

                Yes, you can edit a contact group to add or remove members at any time.

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                Distribution Lists

                How do I get a distribution list?

                Email Distribution lists are referred to as Groups in Baker Gmail. Groups allow users to post from the web, or through email.