Chat FAQs

Chat History

The administrator of the domain has disable chat history for all users at the Baker domain. If you do, any future chat discussions your users have won't be archived in their Gmail accounts.

Search Contacts

In the Search people box at the top of the chat list, type the name of the contact you'd like to find.  This search will only look at Contacts and NOT the Corporate Directory.

Inviting a co-worker to chat

The Google chat gadget shows a list of people you've recently communicated with in the left panel of your email. You can also find anyone else in your contacts by starting to type the user ID in the Search people field. If you haven’t chatted with them before, click on their name and the Chat window will open for you to start the Chat and they will be notified.

Start a Chat from email

To start a chat session from an email you are reading, hover over the sender’s name. Their contact card will appear.
Click on the middle icon that says "Hangout with this person" it will open the Chat window.