Hangouts FAQs

What is Hangouts?

Google+ Hangouts unifies chats, audio calls, and video meetings across all of users' devices. Whether you are in BakerMail, on the desktop, or on Android or iOS devices.

Hangouts let users connect and communicate with colleagues in multi-user video rooms. Users might use Hangouts to hold a business meeting, discuss a particular "hot topic" or pressing issue, or just have a multi-user video chat.

Hangouts let you share your computer screen so other people in the hangout can see what’s on your screen. You can choose to share any open window on your computer. You can also share Google Drive files and collaborate to write meeting notes or draw on a shared whiteboard.

In addition, Google+ Hangouts are integrated with Google Calendar. Users can add hangouts to their calendar events and join hangouts directly from the calendar event, event reminder or email.

When you start a hangout in Google+, you'll also see an option to use Hangouts On Air. Hangouts On Air let you broadcast your hangout, making them a great option for large presentations, demonstrations, or lectures. After the hangout and live broadcast, you can edit the recording of the meeting and share it on YouTube.

At this time Baker does not allow the user to access Hangouts On Air

Get more information here Google Hangouts.

Do I need a Google+ profile to use Hangouts?

No, but some features—starting or joining group video calls, sharing photos, and using circles to control who can reach you and how—require a Google+ profile.

Users with iOS devices like iPhones require a Google+ profile to use the new Hangouts.

How do I join a Google+ Hangouts?

Guests of an event with a Google+ hangout should click Join Google+ hangouts in the event bubble or event page to enter into the video call with other guests.

You must be a Google+ user to join a hangout. If a guest to an event with a hangout is not currently a Google+ user, they'll see a suggestion to sign up for Google+.

How do I verify my YouTube account for Hangouts On Air?

Login to your YouTube account, Click on the arrow next to your picture or avatar, go to Video Manager, click Channel Settings and enable Longer Videos. This will take you through a verification process. 

At this time Baker does not allow the user to access Hangouts on Air.