Mobile FAQs

Mobile FAQs

Can I access my Baker Gmail and Calendar on my mobile device? Yes, we support mobile access of email, calendar, and contacts on your iPhone. Click Mobile Setup and locate your device.

Can I get SMS alerts for my Google calendar on my mobile device?

Yes, you can enable mobile notifications in Google Calendar (U.S. only). For details, see the Mobile Setup .

How do I update my email password on my phone?

To update your password on your iPhone

1.     Tap Settings

2.     Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars,

3.     Tap your (whatever you have named it...) Account

4.     Tap Account

5.     Key in your new password then tap Done

6.     You can now press the Home button or go back to your Mail and synchronize from your Exchange server

 To update your password on your Android

1.     Tap the Gmail icon on the bottom of your screen. In the pic above, it’s second from right with a 9 on it.

2.    Tap on the bottom of your phone, very left will be an icon that looks like a piece of paper. It has two lines on it.

3.    A pop-up window will appear. Tap More; it has a circle with a tri-angle in it

4.    Tap Account Settings.

5.    Roll up until you find Incoming Settings Tap it

6.    Type in your new password

7.    Tap next at bottom of screen

8.    Refresh Gmail


To update your password on your Windows Phone 

1.     In mail, open the Charms bar and choose Settings.

2.     From the Charms bar, choose Accounts.

3.     You'll see a list of the email addresses currently set up.

4.     Select the address you want to check or edit from the list.

5.     From here you can check and edit the settings for your email account. 

6.     Click the back arrow at the top of the column to save the changes you've made.