Mobile Setup: Android
Disclaimer: Your Android device might display different results than the pictures below...


Google Apps Device Policy for Android application enforces policies on your Android device that protect it should it get lost or stolen. Once you install this application on your Android, your administrator can set up security measures such as password protection so only you can sign in. And the device can be wiped remotely if you lose it.


  • Andoid 2.r2 or later

  • If you receive the message "Your domain requires mobile device management. Please install the Google Apps Device Policy application to enforce security policies" on your Android device, you need to download the Device Policy app.


Download Google Apps Device Policy from the Google playstore.

Once installed, go to your Apps Button and look for a program called “Device Policy”.

Once open you will see a red button “Add account”.  Click on the button.

On the next screen it will ask you if you want to add a new or existing account. You must select Existing Account.  

Enter your Baker Email address and password here.  (


After entering in your account information, an agreement screen will pop up asking you to agree to the mobile policy. (see below)


Select OK

The next screen brings you to an Introduction page explaining that your domain administrators can enforce policies and remotely wipe your device if lost or stolen.



Click Next to Activate your Device.

Click Activate.

The next screen explains the policies that will be enforced on your device.  If you agree to the policy, click on the Enforce button.  

Once your Mobile Device is compliant, click Enforce.


If you device doesn’t comply with the on-screen policy, you will see the yellow caution icon along the policy that needs to be addressed.  (see below)

Now your Device is activated and will sync with your Baker College Email account.

How to Display Multiple Calendars on your Android Mobile Device

These instructions are how to Display you Calendars on Android Mobile Device.

  1. Open up your Calendar on your Mobile Device.

  2. Click on the menu button to bring up calendar settings.

  3. Select your Baker Email Account


  • This will show a list of all Calendars that you can displaying on your phone.

  • There will be a checkbox to the right of your calendar

  • Put a check in the box for any Calendar you want to display.