Tips and Tricks
Sort Messages by Keyword Using Gmail Search:You might be used to sorting messages in your Inbox, listing them by sender, for example, or the date they're received. In Gmail, you can do essentially the same thing by searching for messages. Searching may sound like more work, but it can actually be easier and a lot more powerful than sorting, once you learn a few tricks!

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Unthread Your Conversations: With Gmail's Unthreaded feature, you can now switch between conversation view, where a message and its replies are threaded together in a single conversation, and the traditional view where replies are all listed separately in your Inbox.

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Create Nested LabelsMiss your nested folders? Use Gmail's Nested lab to organize your labels in a hierarchy, the same as other mail programs often let you do with folders.

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Share on Google +: When you share on Google+, your content is added to your Home page and to the Home pages of people you shared with, who have you in their circles.

Be more productive with Priority Inbox: Are you overwhelmed with the number of emails in your Inbox and how long it takes to wade through them all? Where do you begin?

Drag and drop labels and messages:Did you know that you can drag and drop labels onto your messages? If so, you're on your way to becoming a Power User! But, did you know you can also drag a single message or multiple messages to a label?

Dragging and dropping attachments: Adding attachments to messages in Gmail is easy - just drag and drop! You can drag one attachment or multiple attachments onto your messages. You can also drag attachments from a message to your desktop or another folder.

Create email filters: Filters are a great way to automatically manage similar types of messages that you always deal with the same way. For example, if you always label messages from your manager so they stand out visually in your Inbox, you can have a filter apply the label for you.

The New Google Sheets: When you are trying to create a spreadsheet for keeping track of personal finances or analyzing data in your workplace, the new Google Sheets can help.

 Conversations vs Messages! Gmail normally groups all messages that are part of the same subject thread into a single conversation

Your Status and Contacts on Hangouts: When you start a Hangout with someone on your computer, you can look at the person's profile picture in your Hangouts list to see whether they're online and available or not.

Scheduling made simple!: The simple way to schedule follow-up meetings while you read your email. With Gmail you can schedule a meeting related to an email in one quick click.

Recommended Gmail & Calendar Labs: Google Labs are experimental features that you can add to Gmail and Google Calendar to customize and enhance your inbox and calendar.