Gmail:  Dragging images into messages

In another Tip & Trick, we show you how to drag and drop file attachments into a Gmail message you're composing. Well, you can drag images into your message, too!

Install the Chrome browser

To drag images into Gmail messages, you have to be using the Google Chrome browser. If you don't have Chrome on your computer, no worries. Just go ahead and install Chrome now. It only takes a few seconds. 

Enable the "Inserting images" lab

To drag images into a Gmail message, you must first enable the 'Inserting Images lab. Choose Settings from your gear menu (1). Then open the Labs tab (2), search for the Inserting Images lab (3), and enable the lab (4). Don't forget to click Save changes when you're done (5).

Use your new lab!

Now comes the really easy part! First, look for the image icon in your compose window to verify that the Inserting images lab is indeed enabled. Then go to your image, which can be on your desktop or in your file viewer, and drag and drop the image to where you want it to appear in the message.

After your image appears in the message, you can click it to show options for resizing (or removing) the image before sending. The recipient will also see the image in the body of the message.

By the way, if dragging the image into your message doesn't work, it might mean your compose window is in Plain text mode, which means it can't contain images. This is the case if you see a Rich formatting link (which would appear in place of the Plan Text link shown above). If this is true, just click the Rich formatting link and try dragging your image, again.